Our Story & Mission

Goodbye Carbon started with a simple, yet daunting, question: how do we reverse climate change?

There are innumerable approaches, but all of them come down to two main solutions:

1  Reduce Emissions

2  Remove Greenhouse Gases from the atmosphere


Reversing climate change requires both solutions, because we have already emitted over 700 billions tons of CO₂ since the industrial revolution. So, even if we were to completely stop emitting CO₂ tomorrow, the climate would continue changing and warming because of the overwhelming amount of carbon currently contained in the atmosphere.

We need a way to finally say goodbye to all of the excess carbon in our air. There are so many ways to accomplish this goal; however, there is one huge obstacle that is limiting our progress: funding.

Goodbye Carbon is on a mission to help fund both sides of the solution by sourcing products that help reduce emissions while simultaneously funding initiatives that remove carbon.

Reversing climate change is an enormous challenge, but it can be accomplished. Together, we can truly make an impact.