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Carbon removal projects

Why carbon removal?

In the last few hundred years humanity has added 700+ GIGATONS of CO₂ to the atmosphere. Reversing climate change requires removing the excess carbon from our air and seas and sequestering it back into the earth.

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Who we help fund

Goodbye Carbon purchases carbon removal credits from organizations all over the world.

1. The Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace where farmers practicing regenerative agriculture can sell the carbon they help remove.

2. Climeworks Direct Air Capture facility in Iceland where carbon is filtered and absorbed from the air and pumped deep underground.

Contribute directly

Together, we can make a difference

Reversing climate change is possible. Be the change you want in the world and help us make an impact.

We are committed to funding carbon removal projects with the most impact. 

Have a suggestion for a promising project or organization to fund? Reach out to us at